What Are the Dangers of a Leaking Roof?

Some problems in your house can happen all at once – your drapes catch fire, your power goes out, or the leg of your bar stool snaps off. Certainly, you cannot help but notices all these problems. However, there is another category of home problems that usually more threatening as it can create more damage to your house or can even harm you or your family. These are the subtle, gradual, and the least noticeable kind. A roof that is leaking is one of the best examples of a major problem that you might have in your house without knowing it actually occurs. As a matter of fact, leaking roof can potentially lead to these dangers: 

 Leaking Roof


  1. Mold Growth

There is nothing that mold loves more than a warm, damp environment to live in. As a matter of fact, mold grows on damp insulation and rafters, then its spores can spread throughout the HVAC system of your house and straight into you and your family members’ lungs. Breathing in the spores of mold can actually give you allergy symptoms such as congestions and coughing, or more seriously, causing infections to your upper respiratory that can lead people (especially children) to develop asthma.  

  1. Dangers in the Structure of Your House

When the wood is wet, it is weak. And that wetness can rapidly spread to the entire wood structure of your house, including the foundation. This is the reason why it’s very important that you hire a professional and skilled roofing contractor in your area right away the moment you notice any sign of leaking roof. This is because professional and dependable Maui roofing companies can be able to handle all your emergency roofing needs and most of the time, they are available round the clock so they can cater to all their customers in a timely manner. In addition to that, they are also knowledgeable, skilled and highly trained, which means the moment you hire them, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in the hands of professionals.  

Furthermore, if you are living in a house whose sturdiness has been already compromised, you’re at an increased risk for developing problems in your roof during floods and snowstorms, during window storms, and during floods. 

Aside from that, a heavy load of snow right on top of your roofing system may not only be supported by your rafters if they have been weakened due to a leak over the years. 

  1. Puddles

In fact, this will not be a big problem if the water stays within the walls and ceilings of your house or in your attic, however, occasionally, it can also cause puddle in high traffic areas in your residential property. 

This won’t be a problem if the water stays in your attic or within the ceilings and walls, but occasionally a leak will cause a puddle in a high traffic area of your home. 

If your residential roofing is leaking and you do not know how to fix it, it is important that you call a professional and reliable roofing system right away in order to avoid serious injuries through slipping on a puddle.